About IOA

International Onigokko Association was founded in Japan on June 18, 2010. Onigokko is a traditional Japanese culture that has been introduced in Japan since 1300 years. Onigokko is the most popular recreational sports & physical sports  that everyone was playing in Japan since childhood.

We utilize such Onigokko to improve the health of children and adults, improve physical fitness, improve communication skills and strengthen teamwork.

Also, as Onigokko can be easily addressed by everyone, we are making use of it for revitalizing local communities as a tool that allows people and people to communicate happily in local communities.

And, we have recreational sports and physical sports, which are likewise familiar to children from around the world, like cultural content like Onigokko in Japan, so that such multicultural I also want to contribute to exchanges.

Latest information

December 26, 2018

We released the official website of the International Onigokko Association.

Feature of IOA

All generations

Young and old and young, everyone can engage in activities of IOA.

Interregional exchange

IOA will contribute to the connection between the country and the country, region and region.

Intercultural understanding

IOA respects the cultures of various countries and regions and intends to mutually understand.